Types of Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great addition to any event since they enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of the occasion. There are a variety of photo booths and photo booth for sale available for purchase. While some photo booths give high-quality shots like DSLR, others make animated and boomerang gifs, and attendees adore the possibility to text and email their photos from the event. Weddings and other special events can benefit from a wide range of unique photo and video options, including Slow Motion Video Booths, 360 Photo Booths, and many more.

Classic Photo Booths

The classic photo booth is considered to be the one that sparked the entire photo booth industry, which has since become a must-have for everyone. This one requires you to pose for a photo with a friend or family member.

Photo Booth in the Open Air

Photo booths like this one are the most popular because of the range of backdrops available, which can be customized to fit any event’s theme. Choose one that matches your overall concept. With a simple push of the “start” button, guests may begin the countdown to their photo session. After taking the images, you can send them to yourself via text message or email. The employment of this feature in this kind is a good option.

Inflatable Photo Booth

Inflatable Photo Booths is one of the most popular photo booths. Depending on your event’s theme, you can customize the booth’s lighting to match it. Posing for the perfect self-portrait or group photo with your pals will be a blast. Groups of 16 have squeezed in to take a picture of a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The GIF Booth

It’s impossible not to be entertained by the Selfie Booth. You need to choose a Still Shot, Animated GIF, or Boomerang GIF for your guests to enjoy. They can then pick a Digital Prop to engage with after they’ve selected their experience. Furthermore, you can select a photo filter and send it to your friends by email or text message.

Photographer’s Array

New experiences like the Array Photo Booth are becoming increasingly popular. A Gif or a Video can be used. When you shoot a 3D / 180 snapshot, you truly capture a moment in time. To get the most out of this option, use it in conjunction with 3D picture props and a themed set.

Photobooth in 360-degrees

Stand on a platform and let us do the rest. Involvement is key to this program’s success. Your guests can enjoy themselves by dancing, posing, or just having a good time. Slow motion or GIF features on our 360 give the utmost in social media shareability. This is an experience they won’t soon forget because of the custom designs and marketing tools available.

Roaming Photo Booth

A Roaming Photo Booth is known to be a wonderful addition or stand-alone option. Now, you don’t even need aspecific photo booth to take your picture. There are mobile photo booths that come to you. Text or email a picture, gif, or boomerang straight to your phone.

Mirror Booth

The mirror booth will make a statement at your next event. Suitable for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. The leather upholstery on our exquisite mirror allows it to go in with any decor. Your guests/attendance will have a fantastic time thanks to this interactive experience.

Booth for Slow-Motion Video

With our Slow-Motion Photo Booth rental, your next event will be the talk of the town, creating a buzz of excitement and intrigue for everyone in the vicinity. Slow-motion videos of daily activities like high-fiving are popular because they are amusing to watch.

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